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Next year I’m not even going to worry about putting in the summer vegies until May. It’s just not warm enough. The beans and peas finally started to really grow about three weeks ago after just sitting there.  On Saturday, Alex came out to lounge around.

Alex in straw 1

Alex in straw 2

Also, on Saturday morning, we saw out first quail ever on the property, and out front in the cultivated area instead of out back in the more natural west end.

QuailThe vegetable garden looking nice.

VegWe picked our first salad greens yesterday and ate them within a couple of hours after chilling them in the frig. Best. Salad. Ever. Parisian mesclun “cut and come again” mix.

Parisian mesclun mix

The roses are in full swing now, too.

Rosa mundiRosa mundi

Ferd. PichRose Ferdinand Pichard

R moyesii geraniumRosa moyesii ‘geranium”, courtesy Fickle Hill Old Rose Nursery. I’ve never seen it for sale from anyone else.

Some of the other flowers and beds.

Lollipop lilies“Lollipop” lilies.


South side rose borderRose border, south side.

Tropical garden looking westTropical garden, looking west.

WisteriaWisteria being trained to go along wall of house and across gap towards garage.


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