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I’ve kept a journal of my gardening in a blank book for many years and have wanted to do it on the computer so I could include photos and find what I want without looking through the whole book. My husband and I even talked about creating garden journal software some years ago, but never found the time. And then blogs came along and it just occurred to me today that a blog is just the thing I want for recording what is blooming when, what nursery I’ve bought what plant from, how successful a plant has been, propagation records, all the stuff that goes into creating and maintaining a garden that is fun and useful to look back on. Not to mention a probable record of climate change. So I’ll be posting photos, planting plans, info about plants, nurseries and random thoughts about gardening in my little corner of the world, the north coast of California, in an area of Humboldt County called Dow’s Prairie, which is at about 200ft above sea level, a mile inland from the Pacific Ocean, in USDA Zone 9, Sunset magazine Zone 15 and one of the few places in the world with a “Mediterranean” climate.


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